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Jan 22, 2019

Trailer Tuesday: Spider-Man Far From Home

Tom Holland is back as everyone’s favorite friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. New suit, new country, and a new villain are set for Spider-Man Far From Home.

Last we left our beloved Spidey in Avengers Infinity War part 1, he had disappeared into the ether no thanks to Thanos’ snap heard around the galaxy. We can’t wait to see when Far From Home takes place. We’re imagining it must be before the Avengers faced off against Thanos. Already there are hundreds of video uploads online tracking down clues and Easter eggs from the trailer. What do you think? We can’t wait to see Tom Holland share more screen time with Samuel L. Jackson. This movie will hopefully also include more screen time for Zendaya as Mary Jane.

What are you looking forward to most in this latest installment?

Don’t miss out on any potential spoilers. Tom Holland is famous for being loose lipped on plot lines. Check him out on his Instagram for any updates on Spider-Man Far From Home.