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Aug 24, 2021

Trailer Tuesday: ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’

Poor Peter Parker, still living two lives and making a muck of it. Marvel has released the highly anticipated trailer for Spider-Man No Way Home and by the looks of it, Dr. Strange is warping his own universe as well. Can you tell we’re excited? Are you?

Image Still: Marvel / Disney Studios

Dr. Strange has alot of power, like maybe too much. Looks like he’s riding high on saving the universe with his pal Spider-Man only to make a mess of a spell that turns the world upside down and sideways. It leaves you with one question on your lips, what just happened? It is a super filled reunion with past favored villains coming into the fray. The trailer is full of easter eggs. We counted at least eight. Let us know how many you found, and which ones were your favorites. We can’t wait for Tom Holland to don the mantle of Spider-Man again and lead us into the spidey-verse.