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Apr 16, 2019

Trailer Tuesday: STAR WARS Rise of Skywalker

Star Wars episode nine has finally given us a trailer. Short and sweet, we’re left with the tag line: Every generation has a legend.

Will episode nine right the wrongs of the past? Will Rey finally be revealed to be a long lost Skywalker? A Kenobi? Will Kylo Ren return to the light? What do you think of the trailer? We’re left a bit confused by the direction J.J. Abrams is leading us in with this teaser. However, we’re immediately seven years old and squealing as we jump off the couch in a makeshift sumersault as we try and replicate Rey’s (Daisy Ridley) incredible backwards flip over the star ship. Whose with us? Will you be gearing up to watch Star Wars Rise of Skywalker this winter?

If you want more details and an in-depth look we haven’t seen a breakdown of the new teaser done better than New Rockstars breakdown.