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Feb 5, 2019

Trailer Tuesday: Super Bowl Trailers Edition

Game day came and went, but Super Bowl movie trailers are always worth the hype.

Get ready movie trailer enthusiasts, you’re getting not one not two, but a plethora of this years most anticipated movie trailers in one post!

Up first we’ve got the fierce Captain Marvel Super Bowl trailer, which debuted epic new footage from the upcoming March release of the film. Did. She. Just. Punch. A. SPACE SHIP!?!! With. Her Hand?. She sure did! HIGHER. FURTHER. FASTER. Baby!! We’re ready!

Next up in the Marvel universe we were gifted another look at Avengers Infinity War‘s upcoming part two. What a deslote world we’re looking at. Still no sign of Captain Marvel but we’re finally getting more Ant-Man and Hawkeye. Check out the dreary but highly anticipated teaser below.

The writer and producer of Get Out is bringing us….well… Us and we can’t peel our eyes away. Lupita Nyong’o looks amazing in this trailer. We’re already on the edge of our seat to see how the story unfolds this time.

You’ll have to let us know how good Scary Stories to Tell in The Dark is because we basically screamed and shut out eyes at the 5 second mark and never recovered.

Alita Battle Angel‘s live action adaptation looks so bad ass we can barely hold our breath. If you can’t wait until it’s debut on February 14th you can catch the anime in the meantime.

Wonder Park is giving us all the childhood feels! Don’t judge we’re still definetly still game for a great animated feature here at the office! “If you can imagine it, you can ride it.”Don’t act like you don’t want a ride on “The Wonder Coaster”

Twilight Zone is back! And apprently just as creepy and trippy as ever. We already know you’ll be watching…enjoy this trailer muahaha. Wait. What?

This looks so good! And the best part is we don’t even have to wait! check out the Hanna season one trailer and then check it out right after, on Amazon Prime. It’s already live.

UNDER HIS EYE!! It’s almost here!! This is one of the best dark drama’s on tv period. This show alone is reason for a Hulu subscription! Handmaid’s Tale is back and more terrifying realistic and possible than ever.

And finally we have Netlfix’s Super Bowl ad for Our Planet. This animal documentary looks amazing, we will be proudly bingeing.