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Apr 5, 2022

Trailer Tuesday: ” Ten Percent” is Coming to Amazon Video

If you don’t know, Ten Percent is the British adaptation of the wildly successful Call My Agent series, or better known by its original title: Dix Pour Cent.

Image Credit: Prime Video

Dix Pour Cent, was so wildly successful not only did it hit Netflix’s top ten most watched, it soared on to complete the series, and its insane levels of popularity have revived it for one more series. Not to mention the upcoming British take on the popular French series. Ten Percent will debut on Amazon Prime Video this coming 28th of April. The series like its French counter-part is loaded with famous British actors as their “agents” scramble to make things right by them, while trying to scrape out a lane for their own lives as well. As the two worlds collide nothing but comedy ensues. We can’t wait to see what this latest incarnation brings to life.