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Oct 22, 2019

Trailer Tuesday: The Rise of Skywalker

The final trailer has dropped as of yesterday for the final epic installment of the Skywalker saga. Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker hits theaters December 20th, and we’re enthralled.

Film Still Courtesy of Walt Disney Co.

J.J. Abrams is back at the helm ( Thank the Scifi-Fantasy Gods) for the final chapter of the Skywalker family. Disney has expertly used the tag “the saga will end, the story lives forever” as their marketing campaign and we are one hundred percent on board. Will J. J. Abrams salvage the misdeeds of Rian Johnson? Will we find out who Rey’s parents truly are? Is she a daughter of Obi Wan Kenobi? Perhaps they will shock us all with the thrilling reveal of her mother being Qi’ra, perhaps with a Jedi we’ve yet to meet? Is this the final story of the Kenobi and Skywalker family who have been entwined since A New Hope? We are on the edge of our seats awaiting these answers. Let us know your thoughts on the final trailer.