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May 17, 2022

Trailer Tuesday: ‘Westworld’

The Westworld season four trailer has dropped, and we’re chewing our nails with excitment as June 26 fast approaches.

Image Credit: HBO

Westworld was a surprise drop as far as trailers go. In just a short month we will be glued to our screens on Sundays to see what havoc the denizens of Westworld continue to reap on the outside world. While we’re still waiting on an official re-cap from HBO for season three we do have a season two re-cap to share with you all. The anrdoids have rebelled, season two ends with them escaping the simulation they had been placed in (well for some). Season three opens with Dolores in the real world trying to hunt down the people responsible for the technology that was made to create and control androids. Some shocking truths come to light, like how they are planning to use that technology to control humans and their choices as well. Fed up, Dolores is on a kill mission with help along the way that turns into a real disaster. We can’t wait to see how (if) she can pick up the pieces from the consequences of her actions in season three, going into season four. What do you think? Have you penciled in the season four opened into your planner? We have! Let us know what you think this season will show us.