Mar 1, 2017

Travel: A Look Inside the Amalfi Coast’s Best Kept Family Lemon Grove

Along the Amalfi Coast, throughout most of the year, you will notice a familiar fruit stand out among the breathtaking views. The lemons also known as “Sfusato Amalfitano” have become an iconic symbol of this particular region of Italy.

Amalfi is a majestic town full of first class hotels, restaurants, and the historic cathedral of Duomo de Sant’ Andrea. However, one of the best sites to see was a lemon orchard at the Amalfi Lemon Experience. One of the owners, Salvatore Aceto, whose family organic lemon business goes back several generations, was incredibly friendly and accommodating through every step of the tour process.

Salvatore 1

Salvatore works very hard to save the history and culture of the organic lemon garden. “Our history is since the 1700s, I am the sixth generation and I hope for the future,” says Salvatore. “We must stay here to try to save the company and our environment.” The family and staff are incredibly welcoming. And if you are lucky you might see his father, Luigi  Aceto walking around the gardens.

Salvatore and Staff at Resting AreaThe Amalfi Lemon Experience is a must stop on your visit to the Amalfi Coast. And I will tell you why: from April to October, visitors can expect to get the ultimate VIP treatment as Salvatore personally guides you through the historic organic lemon orchards. Visitors on this highly informative tour first meet in the central part of Piazza Duomo and are driven a short ride up to the lemon grove.

Salvatore was very informative and thorough in explaining everything about the lemons. And don’t be surprised: these are not the average sized lemons that Americans may be used to seeing in the marketplace. The Amalfi lemon is even bigger and better than you could imagine. And the taste: incredible! Salvatore describes how every piece of the lemon – from the fleshy interior to the skin – is consumed. Famous for the lemon skin, he explains how the high concentration of essential oils is what makes the Almalfi Lemon a leading contender all around the world. The skin of the lemon is also used for cooking. Additionally, you will also learn new refreshing ways you can drink water or red wine. As we passed a water fountain, Salvatore cut a lemon in half and used the lemon as a cup.

You are guaranteed to learn so many more fascinating facts about organic lemons on this tour. Furthermore, once the tour is complete you can relax at the resting area while drinking fresh lemonade and taste the most delicious lemon cake. Then stop by the historic museum and the factory where they make fresh limoncello. There are also cooking classes available with lemons.

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Written by: Jeannette Ceja

Photos by: Jeannette Ceja