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Jun 5, 2024

Traveling Just Got Scarier, ‘Hostel’ TV Series Starring Paul Giamatti Is In Development

Foreign Country, traveling on the cheap? Danger? Paul Giamatti…what else do you need to get your adrenaline going and your blood pumping? Word on these Hollywood streets is, that a Hostel TV series is in the early stages of development.


What we know so far is a bit sparse, but stick with us here. Eli Roth, Chris Briggs and Mike Fleiss will return to the franchise as it undergoes an elevation to become the murder-tv thriller of our dreams (nightmares?!). Wondering what is official? Well, Paul Giamatti has closed a deal to star in the new Hostel TV series with the franchise’s Eli Roth, Chris Briggs and Mike Fleiss all returning for the project. The Hostel series, which is currently in development, does not yet have a platform attached. We wouldn’t be surprised to see Apple gobble this up as the team behind Apple TV’s popular Severance is involved. The show is described as being a “modern adaptation” that’s also a “reinvention” of the horror franchise that launched in 2006 and spawned two sequels.

The original movie revolved around three backpackers who were headed to a Slovak city that promised to meet their hedonistic expectations, with no idea of the hell that awaited them. You can catch the trailer for the original below: