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Mar 27, 2018

Destination Travel: Utah

Utah is famous for it’s slopes, but mainly known for the prestigious Sundance Film Festival which takes place in Park City. Travel with us to see some of her beauty outside of her fame! 

Travel with us as our editor Carolina Bonetti joins correspondent vlogger, Sophie Cook. We took 72 hours to travel the in’s and outs of some of the best places to check out when considering a quick trip to Utah! We braved the cold, and saw mesmerizing views of this beautiful state. We can’t wait to go back! There’s so much of Utah to explore. But for now enjoy this peek into this stunning state. Let us know if you’ve been before, and where you’ve been!


Park City is a gorgeous little town, filled with small touches that melt your heart.


The Fairy lights during winter make for magical photos.

The Mormon Cathedral is a work of art in architecture and design! Set with Christmas lights, creates picture perfect moments.

Downtown Salt Lake City is filled with art, and culture. You can really enjoy the architecture here as well!