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Aug 22, 2023

Travis Barker Supports and Shines a Light on Young Talent

Travis Barker’s unwavering commitment to supporting young talent was on full display this Friday. Travis Barker made a surprise visit to 9-year-old blind drummer Grayson Roberts’ lemonade stand, hosted at the Dream Factory social space in Los Angeles. 

This heartwarming story took flight thanks to social media star Charlie Rocket. The social media star’s one million Instagram followers highlighted Grayson’s story on his social platforms, catching Travis Barker’s attention. This is an inspiring project aimed at bringing joy to a remarkable 9-year-old boy who possesses incredible musical talent despite his visual impairment. This young boy’s passion for playing the drums is genuinely heartwarming and an inspiration to everyone.

The unexpected appearance of Travis Barker at the lemonade stand was made possible through the efforts of Mikey Tua, who, is Landon Barker’s best friend. This thoughtful gesture not only touched the hearts of those present but also attracted a star-studded audience like Heidi and Mark D’Amelio, along with Markell Washington, Indiana Massara, and a multitude of other celebrities and influencers. It serves as a shining example of how kindness and generosity can have a profound impact on young, aspiring talents like Grayson Roberts.