Jun 9, 2012


This weekend is the Pride Parade in West Hollywood and Press Pass LA attended the kick-off party presented by The Trevor Project & CB2 with special guest Lance Bass.

The event featured cocktails, hours d’oeuvres, a DJ, and a photo studio (where you could take your picture with models in colorful costumes and have your pride-themed photo uploaded directly to Facebook/Twitter). On sale, were Accept & Be posters, whose just under twenty dollar price tag goes to benefit the organization. The Trevor Project is determined to end suicide among LGBTQ youth by providing life-saving and life-affirming resources including our nationwide, 24/7 crisis intervention lifeline, digital community and advocacy/educational programs that create a safe, supportive and positive environment for everyone.

We caught up with the CB2 West Market Regional Manager, Ashley Cansler, and The Trevor Project Executive Director & CEO, Abbe Land, about the event. We also talked to celebrity guest Lance Bass during the party!

“I think that it is a perfect marriage for CB2 to be working with The Trevor Project. I think it is really important to share The Trevor Project with our consumers- who they are, what they do, what their mission is. It’s a great thing that they offer a venue for youths so that they have a place to go and someone to talk to if they are struggling or need acceptance. We are trying to offer a brand that is really attainable for everyone and present a brand that cares. The thing I love about working for this company is the work we do outside of just selling beautiful merchandise. The charitable things that we do are really important to me and align with my personal goals, so it is great to be able to participate in something that I personally think is important. I can think of lots of people that could have benefited from The Trevor Project back when I was in high school. They would have had a place where they could talk to others about what they were going through. With all the issues youths face today, like bullying and teen suicide, it is nice to know that there is an organization. It is great to be able to bring publicity to that organization so the public knows that there is a place that you can turn to. You can call them up, you can go online and chat with someone; there are lots of opportunities to talk to someone,” said Cansler

“This is a kick off for pride and it is a great partnership that The Trevor Project has with CB2. It is our second year partnering and they are great!  The company believes in the work that we do and understands the importance of The Trevor Project and of people knowing about our organization. As you can see from today’s event, it’s fun!  It’s friends coming together, it’s connecting people, and that is really what The Trevor Project is about. We know when people have someone to connect to it can be life saving,” echoed Land.

When I asked both ladies how Lance Bass became the face of today’s event, they shared similar excitement over Bass’ passion for the charity.

“A lot great people within our organization were working on finding the right person with the right fit, and he was so gracious! Lance said, “Absolutely, I’d love to go… just tell me where to be and when to be there”. He is such a great representation of someone who went through the challenges of being a public figure and then coming out. He really represents what Trevor is all about, in a really great way,” said Cansler. “Lance has been a great supporter of The Trevor Proect for years and he opitimizes what it means to reach out to young people. It really was just a match made in heaven,” added Land.

As you walked around the CB2 store, it was easy to spot the colorful Accept & Be posters and all the hard work the store put into incorporating the message of acceptance central to The Trevor Project.”We wanted to set the store up so that people could really come in and have a good time and just hang out and feel very comfortable. They can sit down on the furniture, they can eat the food, have some drinks, dance to the music, have their photo taken, so it was really just about placing things that made an environment that was really conducive to that,” explained Cansler.

The party was a great way to kick-off the weekend and The Trevor Project will have a float in tomorrow’s parade. We were even lucky enough to get a sneak peack and its design! What’s up next for the organization?

“June is a very busy month for The Trevor Project. We are participating in fourteen different prides across the country which culminates on June 25th where we have a big event in NY called Trevor Live at the Chelsea Pier. It is honoring MTV. We also have Trevor Live LA in December (the first sunday in December, the 2nd)… it’s all a big sercret so far but we will have another really great show. We are looking forward to that as well. It’s wonderful to have Trevor Live in NYC and LA because it gives both coasts a chance to support the wonderful work we do,” said Land.

For those in need, you can call The Trevor Project Hotline at 1-866-488-7386. “We want people to know we are there to help. So If you’re a person between the ages of 13-24 and feel you need someone to talk to then you get on the line and call The Trevor Project. We really want people to know we are there, know our phone number, and tell their friends in need,” said Land.

We look forward to seeing The Trevor Project float at tomorrow’s parade! Find out more info on West Hollywood Pride.

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