May 4, 2020

Try AltWell CBD To Help Manage Your Stress And Treat Yourself To Health.

ALTWELL’s CBD products are crafted from ethically grown hemp and they have uniquely crafted flavors so you can enjoy the experience. Let us share our thoughts on these products with you.

Image Courtesy of ALTWELL CBD

There are a varied amount of CBD dispensers in the US, which is why we love that ALTWELL lives by transparency. ALTWELL provides certificates of analysis for any products you purchase. Just type the lot # on your package into their website, and any questions about the source of your product can be answered at the click of your keyboard. The founder’s of ALTWELL CBD is a family who has been in the wellness industry for four generations. They’re proud to be known for creating, building and selling the Muscle Milk Brand of protein products. Now they’re bringing their experience to ALTWELL CBD.

CBD is a different experience for everyone, and ALTWELL puts your needs at the center of everything they do. Their purpose is driven by helping their customers live each day with comfort and calm. ALTWELL also has an amazing page on their website filled with FAQ. Learn more about CBD here.

During quarantine our sleep hours have been a bit wacky, and we absolutely loved trying ALTWELL CBD’s sleep CBD based gummies. The gummies really helped us regulate our sleeping patterns and get back into healthy sleeping patterns. Mind you we also paired this with the will to develop our sleep patterns back into healthy time frames, but the aid of the CBD was invaluable. They also shared their delicious vanilla CBD protein with us which we have been trying in our smoothies. It is delicious, and doesn’t leave behind a strong flavor of CBD which is really important. Not only do you benefit from all the healthy benefits of CBD powder in your smoothie, the taste of your chosen fruit remains intact as well. The protein is also plant based which is great news for vegetarians.

Give ALTWELL a try if you’ve been feeling out of sorts and let us know how it improves and helps balance your daily life.