May 15, 2012


Well it’s that time of year again to see which of our favorite and not-so-favorite shows are here to stay for the duration of 2012 (and continue their run for 2013). The list of shows that have gotten the axe is long! Here are our thoughts on the schedule shake-up.

I wanted to start with a farewell to one of my favs and I’m really sad to see it go after it’s 10-year run: CSI: Miami. I loved the cheesy one liners from Lieutenant Horatio Caine and the always club-bumping music in the opening scenes while we gazed at the beautiful views of Miami. Ahh…at least we still have CSI & CSI NY.


ABC: Extreme Makeover-Home Edition; GCB; Man Up; Missing; Pan Am; The River; Work It.

CBS: A Gifted Man;; How to Be a Gentleman; NYC 22; Rob; Unforgettable.

CW: H8R; One Tree Hill (series finale aired April 4); Remodeled; Ringer; The Secret Circle.

Fox: Alcatraz; Allen Gregory; Breaking In; House; I Hate My Teenage Daughter; Napoleon Dynamite; Terra Nova.


Are You There, Chelsea?; Awake; Bent; Chuck (two-hour series finale aired January 27, 2012); Free Agents; Harry’s Law; The Playboy Club; Prime Suspect; The Firm

Although I’m a bit surprised, 2 Broke Girls is not on this list. This show is definitely an acquired taste! Its raunchy humor comes off a bit tasteless at times but then again, not every show has to be so serious. I can relate to the show- living in a big city, with little money, and trying to pursue my dreams… not to mention my roommate is blonde & I’m brunette. Add my Boston attitude and her rural Jersey charm and we definitely could have been cast for this renewed hit. Check out our photo-op at the studio backlot and eat your heart out CBS!


ABC: The Bachelor; The Bachelorette; Body of Proof; Castle; Dancing With The Stars; Revenge ,Grey’s Anatomy.

CBS: 2 Broke Girls; The Amazing Race; The Big Bang Theory; Blue Bloods, Criminal Minds; CSI (the original); CSI New York; The Good Wife

CW: 90210; America’s Next Top Model; Gossip Girl; Hart of Dixie; Nikita; Supernatural; The Vampire Diaries

Fox: American Idol; Bob’s Burgers; Bones; Fringe; Glee; Kitchen Nightmares; New Girl, The Simpsons The X Factor

NBC: 30 Rock (final season)The Biggest Loser (midseason); Celebrity Apprentice; Fashion Star; Grimm, Law and Order SVU; The Office; Parenthood; Parks and Recreation; Smash ,Up All Night; The Voice, Whitney and Community

It was no surprise to me that some of my newest favorites- Revenge and New Girl–  and classic competition shows – The Bachelor and Dancing with the Stars (check out our weekly blogs on both)- would be returning!

What are you favorites? Did anything you love get the can?  Share your thoughts with us below!