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May 11, 2014


If you were having a long day at work or a school day simply dragging on, coming out to The Wiltern was a wide choice because Twenty One Pilots brought the absolute most energy I’ve seen a band put out. Hunter Hunted and No No No opened up the night and were fantastic bands.

TwentyOnePilotsWilternRight from the start of the set, Tyler and Josh of Twenty One Pilots gave an energy that lit up the whole room.

They started off with their track “Guns for Hands” followed by “Migraine.” With their skeleton suits they rocked the house. This may be one of the best live performances I’ve been able to witness. The energy that Tyler and Josh put into their performance is astonishing. You feel it. With their incredible lyrics and hard hitting beats, you can’t help but rock out.


Other songs from the set included “Screen” “Forest” and Tears for Fears cover, “Mad World.” They also performed “House of Gold” which is currently on radios nationwide. It’s off of their newest album, Vessel, which is available to check out on iTunes and Spotify. As we endured a performance packed with action, jumps, screams, and cheers, we all felt the energy. It was something you had to witness to understand. This is a great live band. You have to check out a show sometime. They will be back at The Palladium this coming October, so purchase tickets! Until then, take a listen to their music here.