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Apr 19, 2019

Ultimate Festival Survival Guide

Coachella is the annual herald of summer’s highly anticipated music festival season, and weeks, days, moments, okay breath’s closer to Burning Man. With so many options for musical escapes, we’ve created the perfect curated survival guide for any festival devotee ( and newbie’s too).

Skin is king. That should be your mantra and don’t be afraid to chant it to yourself as the long hours under the sun can take their toll. We look to SuperGoop as the ultimate spf must have. Not only do all Supergoop products contain spf, they won’t cause breakouts either. Cue the vigorous reapplying of SPF without a single worry in the world about the untimely appearance of a spot.

There’s no party like a dead battery party. Don’t be a party pooper, and make sure you pack your techie gear. Making our ultimate packing list is GBankz. While there are A LOT of chargers on the market, we love how GBankz 1. Allows for multiple charges. 2. Does wireless charging 3. Comes standard with the apple compatible cord. No need to fish around for your personal usb cord, this portable charger does it all. Now our only wish is for it in hot pink. Also with several charges per unit, you and your friends can maximize your packing space and plan on two phones per GBankz for a full charge each, and then some.

Bandana’s are the real MVP’s of festival season. It’s not just a style choice, people step out in bandanas because the winds carrying dirt, dust, and whatever the musical wind God’s blow can be gnarly! Don’t leave for any festival without a bandana. We’re partial to Lucky Brand’s bandana designs. They do a great job of pairing sturdy fabrics for their handkerchiefs with cool screen prints which set you apart from the crowd (#fashun) while also protecting you from the wind.

You can’t possibly complete any festival outfit without a rockin’ pair of sunnies. This is where Quay Australia comes in. We are obsessed with their ever changing and evolving sunnies. This is one company who is not afraid to play around with distinct colors, shapes, and tints to create unique, classic, or funky sunglasses. We love how much Quay lets you own your personality in your sunnies. We chose the heart shaped frames this year, but last year we couldn’t put our aviators in matte black down (Shh don’t tell the aviators we’re cheating on them).

We’re mad about hats. Snag a Levi’s ballcap for any festival you’re heading out to this summer. Ballcaps are great because they are easily packed, despite how cute those big straw ones look, a solid denim ballcap goes a long way. You’re welcome in advance.

Pair your ball cap with your generous SPF application and you should be all set. Plus they come in so many colors with cute designs over at Levi’s. While we’re on Levi’s, a swaggy little fanny pack is the perfect finishing touch to any festival style. Levi’s makes it easy to match your ball cap and fanny pack, or play off of their color schemes. Just remember one thing, you’ll want to be hands free as much as possible.