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Aug 14, 2018

The Un-produced Table Read, Now here’s a digital series worth bingeing

Ever wonder how your favorite movies and tv shows get made? Well Jeff Graham has produced a awesome series ‘The Unproduced Table Read’ over on Popcorn Talk, which we think is worthy of your attention.

Hello Cinephiles, go behind the scenes every week as Jeff invites Writers, Actors and Producers, to bring to life yet-to-be made films and tv shows. Take a look behind the curtain in Hollywood, as actors bring a script to life. The series also features the creators, with an in-depth Q+A after each read. This is a great platform for writers and creators to shine a light on their work. We’re loving the ingenuity of it. Not to mention, anyone who loves film will be a fan of hearing the words come to life. Our very own editor and host Carolina Bonetti recently guest-starred on the ‘Charon’ pilot read. Check out the episode in full below. Come back and let us know what you’re bingeing online!


Whats truly enjoyable is this intimate conversation with the writer’s process of creating his script, after watching the actors bring it to life. What are your thoughts? Did you picture the characters as the actors brought them to life?