Feb 12, 2018

Universal Studios Celebrates The Lunar New Year!

Universal Studios is kicking off the Year of the Dog with Kung Fu Panda! 

You wont want to miss your chance to hang out with all your favorite characters from Kung Fu Panda this February 10-25 at Universal Studios. The park has created a lunar new year oasis with traditional lanterns, cherry blossom trees, and even red slips you hang on the trees to display your wishes of good fortune. We LOVED this idea! It was such a wonderful Chinese tradition to share with park go-er’s who may not be aware of this custom. You can even check out our fun boomerang of wishes we made HERE.

Our favorite activity was checking out Mr. Ping’s noddle shop. Okay, we are seriously obsessed with this noodle shop. Believe the hype! First of all an animatronic Mr. Ping pops up and greets guests, while regaling them with funny stories, and then you hop in line for a delicious Chinese meal! The noodles come in a variety of choices, but the bao is really where it’s at though. Seriously, don’t skip it. We loved the pot stickers and the egg rolls which, by the way are pretty big. This pop-up shop is scheduled to leave on February 25th, and we are up in arms. It is a TREASURE. Mr. Ping’s Noodles are the best menu item’s we’ve chanced upon on the Universal lot. We hope someone fancy hears us, and brings Mr. Ping in for a full-time gig. ( We’re rooting for you Mr. Ping! #PingsNoodlesTakeUniversal)


Foodie love aside, the Kung Fu Panda exhibit has alot of fun activities. We had so much fun interacting with their artists, who taught us how to draw our favorite character Po from Kung Fu Panda. They do regular sessions throughout the day, and each session features a different character. In addition to drawing, the exhibit also features a Mandarin speaking Megatron which is SO cool. And finally, you can catch Po and Tigress on the main stage, as they demonstrate different forms of Kung Fu. The exhibit also features all 12 animals of the Chinese Zodiac along with their years, and traits. Our editor Carolina is a Rat: Intelligent, Charming, and Artistic… while our contributor Tatiana is a Rabbit: Sociable, Modest, Sincere. Make sure you snag a ticket to learn all about your Chinese zodiac sign this February HERE.