Oct 12, 2019

Unsilenced Voices and LN2 Hollywood Team Up to Spread Awareness about Domestic Violence

Over 20,000 women have been murdered by men due to domestic violence since 2003. Unsilenced Voices Founder & Actress Michelle Jewsbury nearly became one of those women.

For years, Michelle was trapped in the domestic abuse cycle. She walked on eggshells around her partner, suffered his violent blow ups, and tried to believe his apologies. Instead of being accountable, her abuser worked to keep Michelle isolated and silent. In December 2015, she summoned the strength to break that cycle, leave her abuser, and share her story. Now, Michelle works to combat domestic and gender-based violence on a global scale as the founder and CEO of Unsilenced Voices.

Unsilenced Voices mission is to rehabilitate victims of domestic violence and spread awareness to create sustainable change surrounding this epidemic in communities around the globe. Their vision is to inspire change in communities around the world by encouraging victims to break free and survivors to speak up about domestic violence and sexual defilement.

Unsilenced Voices is integral to Jewsbury’s quest to end domestic violence worldwide. Operating in Ghana, Sierra Leone, Nepal and soon in Los Angeles, where Jewsbury lives, the organization works with partners to implement shelters, sensitization programs, legal assistance, vocational training, medical and counseling for victims of domestic abuse and sexual gender-based violence.

Unsilenced Voices Founder, Michelle Jewsbury, and women of Sierra Leone.

A large part of Unsilenced Voices’ mission is collaborating with existing organizations to educate the community. “As a society, we need to stand up and speak up together. We want victims to know how to get out. They don’t have to stay where they are. In addition to escaping to shelters, they need to know how to file restraining orders, how to create a resume and fill out job applications,” says Jewsbury. We invite you to join us in creating a world where we can share our stories of survival, celebrate our safety, and stop the cycles of abuse.

Unsilenced Voices has partnered with LN2 on an awareness and fundraising event in Los Angeles on October 23rd LN2 Restaurant in Hollywood. LN2 is a whimsical modern gastro lounge, offering smooth vibes and happy times.

Guests will walk the purple carpet and step inside to a stunning marble coated bar. There will be beautiful tray passed hors d’oeuvres, curated cocktails, an informative video presentation, not to mention a DJ and liquid nitrogen treats! At 8 p.m., Jewsbury will speak about the nonprofit and details of her experience. She will also sign copies of her book, “But I Love Him” purchased that night. The book is a painful yet inspirational true story of a strong, independent woman caught in the horrifying cycle of domestic violence and how she got out. A percentage of proceeds from her book sales will benefit Unsilenced Voices. This will be the first of many annual events to raise money and awareness for Domestic Violence. Donations and admission coming from this event go toward funding this nonprofit and expanding their work in Los Angeles.

Limited tickets to this event are available here. Purchase to support!