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Apr 26, 2012


We recently had an opportunity to speak with Ryan Glen Golphin, the creator of the new mobile game, UnWord. Check out our Q & A here and find out how his company is taking the online gaming industry by storm. We know what app we are downloading next!


PPLA: Tell us how you created the UnWord Game?

RYAN:  Actually the idea just came to me one night as I was taking a break from writing in my book Abused by the Thought of Leaving. Some may have called it ‘writers block’ I don’t know. I found myself staring at the computer screen, trying to somehow regain inspiration when my eyes landed on the word ‘Sometimes’. I started taking the letters out of the word and using them to create more words. “Some, time, times, see…” you get the point. And then it hit me. “This would make a great game!” I brainstormed over a few elements that I thought would add more competitiveness to the original concept and then decided that multi-player game play using the same word would be the icing on the cake. (laughs) I reached out to a friend of mine Chester Gregory, to share the idea and he offered to assist with the creation. Honestly, it was just that simple.


PPLA: What makes this game different from the rest?

RYAN: Well, I can say that UnWord is incredibly fun, insanely addictive, and has an educational twist. How many games out there share all of these elements? We haven’t really marketed the app as an educational tool but schools and colleges across the nation have been huge supporters. I guess anytime you are given the opportunity to broaden your vocabulary by possibly learning and or using new words it then becomes educational. We have a school in China that has adopted UnWord to help their students learn new words. At the end of each round the game offers a complete “Word list” that shows all the words that could have been created out of the originally word. The students pick 10 words they didn’t know from the list and learn the definitions. A lot of other schools practice similar learning techniques.


PPLA: These types of apps are becoming very popular now. Tell us about your success with it so far.

RYAN: Thus far it’s been an incredible ride! Non-stop work yes, but hard work yields GREAT results. UnWord has received an overwhelming amount of support which includes more than two dozen features in a mix between magazines, newspapers, blogs, and a good amount of TV, radio, and social media press. We (the team) are constantly doing interviews, which of course is a great thing! This week we made the front page of the Hudson Times. It’s an honor and a blessing, and I am very humbled. It’s exciting that word game apps are becoming such a huge hit. I guess in a time where the economy could use some major positivity, people need something to clear their mind. Besides, who wants to dwell on the negativity? “Ain’t nobody got time for that!” *Sweet Brown’s Voice* (Laughs)


PPLA: Will there be any updates or other editions for it?

RYAN:Yes, we are constantly thinking of ‘out of the box’ ways to add more excitement to the app. We’re also working on integrating a way for our users to win daily prizes. And I’m talking nice prizes! Possibly a few Apple products, gift cards, I don’t know you’ll have to wait and see.


PPLA: Will you be creating other types of games/apps?

RYAN:Yes, I actually have a few apps in the developmental stage now. I’m also in talks with a well known company about a possible collaboration on a new project, game related. I definitely have my work cut out for me.


PPLA: Overall, what do you hope to accomplish in that particular industry?

RYAN:I actually want to take this industry over by storm. I want my company G&G Games to produce some of the greatest games in app history. Hey, why not dream big? Anything is possible when you believe. In an interview with NBC, they stated that UnWord was unleashing a charge in the app market and predicted it to be the next big thing in apps. I want to continue in this vein.


PPLA: Besides UnWord, tell us more about yourself and other talents?

RYAN: Honestly I’m still trying to define myself (laughs). When it comes to ‘chasing dreams’ I’m just like everyone else. I feel that in order to be successful you must first be unstoppable. I always say, “Nothings impossible when you’re unstoppable.” It’s true. Aside from the app industry, I’m a songwriter, singer, and up and coming author. My debut book Abused by the Thought of Leaving is soon to be finished, then shortly after I’ll be releasing my second book Our Word Against Theirs and Visa-Versa. Writing is a peaceful, inspiring, stress free, way to pass time. More people should get into it. In my free time (which is becoming less common), you’ll most likely find me jet-setting trying to sneak in a mini-vacation. I love to travel!


PPLA: Where can we find the game and how much is it?

RYAN: UnWord can be found for .99 on the Apple app store. You can also find out more about us on our website Or by following the app page on twitter @UnWordTheGame. I’m also on twitter @Iam_Unstoppable


Ryan left our fans with a few encouraging words of wisdom.  “Don’t let fear rob you of the path your dreams are trying to lead you. Know the road won’t be as easy to travel, but the reward will be worth the journey.”