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May 20, 2013


May 18th was a beautiful day to be part of the 3rd annual Venice Spring Fling Festival. It ended up being the perfect day to check out new sculptors, muralists, and dancers. It was a wonderful time to observe all the local Venice talent.

It was shocking that something like this would be free to attend in Los Angeles! There were performances by Black Flag member Chuck Dukowski, Ska Band, The Untouchables, and Art by Sky. The festival took place between the boardwalk and bike trail on Windward Avenue. It was a great, central location to many other local Venice hotspots and shops.

I was able to take a look at the new performers and talent emerging out of this famous beach town. I really liked how several pieces of the art were very colorful and hippie influenced. Being a wholehearted and strong hippie myself, I enjoyed all the positivity and energy of the festival and its nod to the Venice beach culture.

L.A. never really showcases hippie and eccentric art as much as it should. I particularly enjoyed meeting an artist named Sky. Her art was incredibly inspirational and vibrant. I felt like every piece was bold and illuminating. There was something amazing in her artwork. Sky told me something that really resonated with me, which was, “it’s great to create everyday and write everyday.” I felt like this statement was exceptionally inspiring and thoughtful of her to say. Every artist I met at this festival was real and original.

I also met a fabulous muralist named Martha C. Wilson. She made some of the most amazing cards and custom pieces that could fit just about anywhere in your house. Every piece was bright and dynamic. In addition, I was able to see some wonderful performers. I am a huge fan of belly dancing and even performed myself as a belly dancer in college. The art of belly dancing is very tough to master. But, these performers did an amazing job. ATS Belly dance and Drums put on a spectacular show.

The costumes were gorgeous and very Indian inspired. Folk dance is very exotic and pretty. It was fun to watch the decorative costumes and cultural feel that all the dances encompassed.

Overall, the day was equally  hot and very colorful. I will be coming back next year to check out new talent and creations. I am proud to see the rise of hippie, myriad, and contemporary modernist art in Los Angeles. It does make me happy to see more dancers doing more live performances for free. Everyone in the festival is incredibly talented and makes Venice live up to its subculture.

You can check out some of the local artists mentioned here:

Art by Sky

Laughing Volcano Art

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