May 11, 2012


Beach season officially begins in Los Angeles with the second annual Venice Spring Fling. An offshoot of the Venice Beach Music Festival, the event brings in some of the area’s hottest artists, musicians, and vendors that embody the spirit of the neighborhood.

This year’s lineup includes festival veteran Traci Guns’ League of Gentleman, a local band that fuses old school folk jams with new rock beats to create a unique concert experience.

Also on the roster is the legendary Barry “The Fish” Melton, formally of Country Joe and The Fish (hence the name), and his all-star band that includes Michael Hinton, Tony Saunders, Jr. and drummer Andy Kravitz. “Venice was the center of the counterculture in the late ’50s and early ’60s, and it has maintained a continuing counterculture tradition over all the years of my lifetime. I am delighted to be playing the Spring Fling!” said Norton in a statement.

In a truly genius move the festival has also created the band Street Smart, comprised of Venice’s best street musicians. Consider it a super group made up of all the people that randomly show up when walking through the town, finally all in one place. The result should be interesting to watch since every musician on the boardwalk has their own eclectic approach to playing.

Besides the music festival, there will also be an art show featuring both local and international artists. The fair includes paintings, sculptures and photography from artists like Ra Ra SuperStar, Kelly, Joel Harris, Martha C. Wilson and more.

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