Feb 15, 2021

Vertical Entertainment Acquires “Stealing School”

February 26th will see the VOD release of Stealing School.

Image Still Courtesy: Vertical Entertainment.

Stealing School captures the modern-day anxieties of a generation currently facing uncertain futures, told through the story of April Chen (Celine Tsai), an Asian-Canadian technology prodigy accused of plagiarism by her teaching assistant (Jonny Keltz). After the accusal she is forced to stand trial a week before graduation. The film displays complex and layered relationships which unfold throughout the film. The film is also layered with racial tensions and systemic biases that are exposed as the trial unravels. The film does a great job of forcing viewers to question their ideas of innocence. 

This is Asian-Canadian writer/director Li Dong’s debut feature film. Stealing School spotlights systematic racism through the point of view of a female Asian student at a prestigious university in this satirical courtroom comedy-drama,