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May 12, 2013


If you’re looking for sexy, sultry, drama, and performance, VH1’s new hit series Hit The Floor is your show! The season premiere aired this past Monday, May 27, at 9pm. And boy are people raving! Press Pass LA attended a special advance screening of the next two episodes and red carpet last night!

We all know VH1 is a ground breaking network. One of a contemporary, edgy, and sexy style. But this is something never seen before. I am talking real actors who can dance, play basketball, and perform all at the same time. It’s a new age modern Broadway on TV…

I had the privilege of attending a special screening for episodes 102 and 103 last night in Santa Monica, CA. And let me tell you, you are in for a treat. Lead character Ahsha starts to come out of her innocent shell after some disturbing news. While team captain and show bully, Jelena is put in her place by Coach Olivia.

Sparks continue to fly between Ahsha and b-ball player Derek. And Ahsha’s mother Sloane, played by the beautiful Kimberly Elise, finds a new comfort in former boyfriend and father of Ahsha, Pete Davenport.

Will Ahsha loose it and be sucked in to the world of sports, money, fame, and disaster? Or will she do what is right and stay true to her innocence? I don’t know about you but I am sort of hoping for a little of disaster. To find out more inside scoop, I sat down with lead actress Taylour Paige.

PPLA: What are your challenges personally with this series?

Taylour Paige: I think, as any woman, when I watched the pilot I was like why do I do all of those weird things with my mouth? You’re not aware of yourself. Because when do you ever look in the mirror and talk to someone? You don’t realize all of these weird mannerisms you have. It was weird seeing myself objectively. But what I realized is instead of worrying so much about what I was doing with my face, it was like letting go and being vulnerable. The minute you let go and stop over thinking, you realize you shouldn’t be thinking about what your mouth is doing. I think my biggest challenge was letting go. But really when I started working with Kimberly, I realized that she’s always listening. Her delivery is alway so organic. It’s not like she prepared it. This is the first time she’s saying it. Every time she says it, it’s like she just invented the line. It’s not like she read it and studied it. I took a lot of that from her. I always felt I needed a private coaching every time I had a new line because I don’t know how I am supposed to say this. Then the minute I started to realize that I need let go and breath and just say the line. It became more real. It felt like me and my mother were arguing or it felt like me and my boyfriend were having a whatever. And I think that was my biggest challenge.

PPLA: What can we look forward to with Ahsha’s character moving forward?

Taylour Paige: What’s exciting about her is I think everyone gets annoyed with that character that is so naive and unaware but she has a very good idea of what’s right and wrong. And you’ll see her make mature decisions and bad decisions. But you’ll fight for her. Because you’re going to want to see something at the end of the day. You’re either going to want to see her loose or you want to see her win. I don’t know. Team Ahsha. Maybe Team Jelena. But she arcs. You’re going to see her come out of her shell. And dabble in some places that she shouldn’t be. But you will also see her kind of torn between the newness and also what was comfortable and stable from before. So you’ll see her maneuver her way as she tries to live out her dreams.

PPLA: Whats next after this? What do you want to focus on?

Taylour Paige: I don’t have anything specific. But I really really just want to tell stories. I just feel like with acting, dancing, singing, and creativity that its all just so transcending. You don’t know the amount of people you can touch. Like just from last night- the amount of people that tweeted me and said so many amazing things. It could make me cry because you don’t even know these people but I got ‘You inspire me to want to dance again.’ I just hope that I can inspire people to dream big. And Viola Davis is one my favorite actresses and I’ll never forget in her SAG Awards Acceptance Speech, she said ‘What is life but a dream?’ You can’t trade your dream for another dream. Dream Big. Dream Fierce.