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Aug 9, 2019

Weedmaps Museum of Weed: More than Just Blowing Smoke!

There have been an endless number of pop-ups to come through Los Angeles in the last few years, but Weedmaps Museum of Weed is truly different.

Sure, we enjoyed Museum of Ice Cream- the first to the scene- and Candytopia which topped ice cream with its high end production and interactivity, but then we became a bit tired. There was the Museum of Broken Relationships, Museum of Selfies, Museum of Fruit, Tacotopia, 29 Rooms, Egghouse and the list went on…and on. They were fun for “Instagrammable” moments but the words “museum” and even “pop-up” were very loosely interpreted.

What we love about THIS museum is that there is actual learning! Weedmaps takes visitors through the storied history of cannabis by moving through the many locations and time periods where cannabis has typically – or stereotypically – been consumed. Guests move through exhibits which include: Pre-Prohibition, Age of Madness, Counterculture Revolution, Behind Closed Doors, Entrapment, Dose of Compassion, Legalization and The Plant Lab. Of course there are plenty of fun spots for the perfect IG story as well and even a cafe, store, and more at the 30,000 square foot space, but the main attraction is how much you didn’t know about weed… until now!

The museum aims to shed light on the tie between cannabis prohibition and racially disparate policies in hopes of educating people in a fun and interactive way. We enjoyed learning about how weed was used for medicinal methods in the days of Ancient Greece all the way until the legalization in California today. Our favorite exhibit was The Plant Lab where you got to interact with cannabis in unique ways, like smelling the different strains. The goal of the museum is to inspire the public to support advocacy and reform effort, and when you exit the museum, you can sign petitions right there in support of these initiatives.

For the opening night event, we were treated to a ‘munchie chic’ menu courtesy of Crateful, which included cookies from Milk Bar and dessert from Coolhaus, as well as a performance by Mustard. Celebrity attendees included: Vanessa Hudgens, Ireland Baldwin, Christina Milian, Ashlee Simpson, Evan Ross, Tommy Chong, Tyler Henry (The Hollywood Medium) and more! VIP attendees left with gift bags that included Museum of Weed swag as well as a table book including imagery and the history of weed. No actual cannabis was served.

Weedmaps Musuem of Weed is presented by Weedmaps in partnership with Virtue and Let’s Play Production. The museum was Executive Produced by Julie Stein. For more info, visit

Get Your Tix to Weedmaps Museum of Weed. Open through end of September.

Photo Credits: Indigenous Pictures and Press Pass LA