Apr 17, 2012


Everybody wants to be a part of Hollywood. That is why thousands of people move here every year to chase after their dreams. But what if you could be a part of magic from the comfort of your own home, at your own computer? That’s where PAULIEWOOD.COM comes in! It is the newest entertainment and social media platform that allows the user to help create the content, from the 24/7 live reality show, to recording music, putting on plays, and attending the hottest parties. It’s your chance to be a star! PPLA sat down with the owner and host, PAULIEWOOD, to talk about his plans for the online network and its streaming reality show.

“PAULIEWOOD.COM is well on it’s way. The prototype site is built (pictured, Page 1) and we are already pre-signing up users. We plan to launch this December in time to kick off the New Year PAULIEWOOD style.”  It will include the PAULIEWOOD compound where members of the reality show component will live in a custom designed storefront or warehouse on a busy boulevard or section of town for all to see! “That’s right, fans will be able to walk right by the compound and check out the action inside!”  The plans for this space are currently underway being led by top notch architects and designers whose past projects include top TV reality shows.

The compound will include a rotating cast of people who get selected through contests and fan votes from the social media site. They will be up & coming musicians, actors, artists, you name it, who will get the chance to live in the compound and interact with celebrity and industry guests (including a long list of celebs we can’t yet release!) who will be regularly stopping by to help with the creative process.This is not just your typical reality show. Sure there will be partying (a la Jersey Shore), drama (a la Real Housewives), and competition (a la The Apprentice) but Pauliewood allows for a new level of fan interaction and creativity.

“While online, fans will be able to watch as many videos as they like simultaneously but will only be able to select one audio feed at time. So they can be listening to their favorite character’s conversation in the kitchen but still see what’s happening throughout the compound in case something sparks their interest.” Fans will also be able to contact cast members live while the site is filming and give them feed back, opinions, or even let them know if something is happening somewhere else in the house they should know about! Fans will also be able to enter contests with prizes that range from winning a trip to LA to  live in the PAULIEWOOD house for a week to a brand new car. Each fan with have his or her own profile and online presence and can be as involved as they want and accrue their own followers and fan base. There will even be opportunities for fans to earn money through follower sign-up.

Cast members will be able to take part in fun theme days like Metal Mondays, where bands will perform live streaming from the PAULIEWOOD stage. The compound will also feature the PG’s some of the hottest models in Hollywood who will be hanging out at the compound and attending clubs, parties, events, and red carpets with the cast. There will also be classes including fitness, dance, acting, and songwriting. The cast will write plays which will then be cast with real industry actors by professional LA casting companies for fans to attend. The cast will also create music and take fan suggestions for lyrics which will be available for free to fans for download on P-Tunes. “The goal down the line is for cast members to then go on tour and sell out stadiums of fans who want to watch because they helped write the lyrics through the online interactivity during the show. It’s collaboration at its highest form and it’s a lot of fun!”

It’s like those  ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ books that you read as a kid. You get the general plot but you get to pick where the story goes. To me, PAULIEWOOD.COM is that same idea just magnified to the Internet where user interactivity is already at its height with sites like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube… the list goes on!  It combines the hours you spend on social media and the hours you spend watching TV and allows you to get both 24 hours a day, seven days a week!

Who better to host the show than PAULIEWOOD, himself. A high energy host with a charmed life including a career as a professional hockey player and as the founding member and guitarist in the rock band becky! which included Keanu Reeves and Rebecca Lord.

PAULIEWOOD.COM is a 24-hour interactive look at what can happen in entertainment including personal relationships, live on-camera action, and real-life drama set amongst the backdrop of creativity and partying that is life in Hollywood. PAULIEWOOD says it best,”If you want to rock like Hollywood, you gotta click on PAULIEWOOD!”

We will certainly be tuning in this December to see how things unfold! For more information visit PAULIEWOOD.COM