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Dec 10, 2021

‘West Side Story’ Movie Review + Cast Interview

Steven Spielberg’s West Side Story is resplendent, an achivement in a master storyteller’s movie catalog. We were thrilled to watch it and even had a chance to catch up with Julius Anthony Rubio who plays Quique.

Image Still: 20th Century Studios

Ariana DeBose who portrays “Anita” stole our hearts, infact she ripped it out and never gave it back. This woman gives such a performance you find yourself in tears, and often overwhelmed by the charisma she brings to the screen. Rachel Zegler of course was a darling “Maria” with astounding vocals, but it was Ariana’s performance that took our breath away. Rita Moreno made us cry from the very first frame she stepped into on screen. The nostalgia was so strong and yet she brought something so new and fresh to her character, her determination and the natural ease with which she performs makes her feel as if she’s your Tia you’ve known all your life. Ansel Elgort brings such relatability and delivers a performance that makes you feel such sympathy towards his “Tony.” Perhaps the most magical thing about West Side Story aside from the script is the casting. These characters are all so well lived in, you can’t even imagine them as anyone else.

Director Steven Spielberg did an excellent job bringing West Side Story to life. It might be one of the best films he has ever directed. He took care with bringing the plight of New York City’s development into the forefront. He did a wonderful job showcasing the pressures that gentrification puts on lower income inhabitants of a city. He also did a wonderful job highlighting how may of our percieved difference are based more on ignorance than truths. A heart breaking story with dire consequences was shot with such love and care. Every frame made you tear up because you could feel Mr. Spielberg’s dedication to telling the most authentic version of the story he possibly could. A cinematic masterpiece. We urge you to run out and see it in theaters, in the full glory that this film was meant to be seen in.

We loved the film and had a chance to catch up a bit with Julius Anthony Rubio who plays “Quique” in West Side Story. Check out what he had to say about the filming process and working with the legendary Steven Spielberg. There might be a little bit of spoilage, so make sure to circle back after you’ve seen the film to enjoy the interview! Make sure to follow the thread for all the interviews, we made sure to number them for you.