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Oct 25, 2016

We’ve Got Your Inside Look at Dark Harbor on the Queen Mary

The Queen Mary Dark Harbor opened it’s doors to horror  for it’s new Halloween season. This attraction features six new mazes: Intrepid, Lullaby, B340, Soulmate, Deadrise and Circus!

Dark Harbor also includes bonus attractions like the Sinister Swings, Hex Paintball, a sideshow with strange spectacles and more.


In comparison to other haunted attractions in the Los Angeles county area, the Queen Mary event may not be as big as Knott’s Scary Farm or Universal’s Horror Nights but the definite electricity in the environment is there!  After attending many of the haunts, the Queen Mary definitely has more interaction when it comes to the guests and the monsters. Even inside the mazes it seems they have gotten more creative with the use of their monsters.

For example, in the Lullaby maze alone, we had creepy human dolls crawling on the floors blocking the entire pathway, bending and distorting their bodies in different ways. A few of them even ran headfirst into the crowd- something which I personally had not seen in other attractions!

Aside from the mazes, one of the coolest features of the Queen Mary Dark Harbor are the Sinister Swings (Sidenote: I rode these twice!) In fact, these swings are the actual swings from Micheal Jackson’s Neverland Ranch. So, chances are you will sit where the King once sat.

Overall, visually the Queen Mary isn’t as impressive as others but the element of surprise is still definitely there, which lets face it, is the actual scare portion (at least for some of us.) And the Halloween vibe that we all crave from haunts is there which makes the attraction totally worth the visit.

Find out more at Queen Mary Dark Harbor. View the mazes!

Reported by Denise Salcedo