Aug 12, 2022

What is Warner Brother’s Doing About ‘The Flash’ Property With Ezra Miller

In a sweeping cut that has become the massacre of tv and film projects at HBO Max, the unreleased Batgirl movie (featuring the first ever afro-latina) got the ax, but Warner Brothers stood firm by their upcoming The Flash film release.


The fate of Warner Bros.’ The Flash hangs in the balance as actor Ezra Miller continues to make headlines for their controversial behavior and various arrests. It’s a bit wild to see a female poc forward film never see the light of day from a very uncontroversial actor at its helm while white male privilege in Hollywood literally slaps us in the face with the continued support The Flash is receivng from Warner Brothers and DC. Ezra Miller has had alot of concering rumors, and legal issues. From a TikTok where he offered to knock out a teenage fan in a supermarket, to legal woes that now include theft and assault there seems to be no line that Ezra can’t cross while still being supported by his agency, and the studio. When is enough, well… enough? Sounds like Ezra needs some mental help and we hope he gets it, but if a studio is suffering from property losses why stay all in with someone whose nose diving one of their most popular characters while axing a new take on one of the handful of female heroines to take center stage in an action film?

This past Monday, the actor was charged with a felony burglary, and on Wednesday, Rolling Stone reported that Vermont’s child services department is attempting to locate a mother and three children who have allegedly been residing at Miller’s farm in the state. And yet The Flash movie is still full steam ahead. What? How does an executive board see that as a bigger win and choice for the studio than backing off and supporting what might have been an under-dog in bringing Batgirl to the lime light? If they’re re-branding their DCEU with a 10 year plan why not ax all unreleased properties and start from scratch?

Scrapping a $200 million film would be an unprecedented move in Warner Brother’s history but what are the options? Why is society so committed to giving white men endless chances, but women? One wrong move and the guillotine is rolled out on a red carpet. A huge loss for the Latino community gaining visible representation on film was felt with the cancellation of Batgirl, but still continuing on with The Flash truly adds insult to injury. Let us know what your thoughts are.