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Dec 24, 2021

What to Binge Watch This Holiday Break

With the holidays here, we’re in that weird time between Christmas and New Years when all the world seems to be holding it’s breath. Don’t worry, we’ve selected some incredible titles for you to enjoy. Nothing says the holidays like a good “Holiday Binge” over the break.

Our first holiday binge selection is The Witcher season two. This highly anticipated Netflix series stars Henry Cavill, and follows the book series of the same title, which birthed an impressive video gaming empire. Now it’s a series, and honestly, can we just get Geralt (Henry) nude in a bathtub in every shot? Okay, okay we can’t, but we’re going on an adventure with Ciri. Who else is thrilled to see what came of Yennefer?

HBO’s highly anticipated and star studded His Dark Materials has come to an astounding finish of its first season. We can’t champion this series enough. Whatever you do, find some way to add this to your watch list. With stellar storylines and top notch acting, Phillip Pullman’s The Golden Compass finally receives the screen time it deserves.

The ladies have returned! Catch up with Carrie and the gang over on HBO Max as you settle into And Just Like That.

Go full holiday movie bliss with The Princess Switch 3: Romancing The Star, join Vanessa Hudgens on another adventure through mistaken identity with a dash of royalty. Holiday heist? We’re in.

Thinking of leaving Earth all together? Don’t worry we’ve been looking for that ticket too, in the meantime you can immerse yourself in Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series now on Amazon. The series takes place in another world all together where men and women used to be in balance of a mysterious magical force called Saidin and Saidar, but a long ago war destroyed the men’s connection with poison. A millenia later someone might just have been born to either undue the damage or cover the world in darkness. check it out on Amazon Prime now.

Hankering for something more traditional? check out Netflix’s brand new film A Boy Called Christmas. This beautiful movie takes you on an adventure about the true magic of Christmas.