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Jan 15, 2021


Who isn’t a Sophia Loren fan? Netflix is debuting a new show about the Italian siren titled What Would Sophia Loren Do, today, January 15th.

Sophia Loren is an on screen goddess who blessed us all with the quote “Everything you see I owe to spaghetti.” The new show debuting on Netflix today follows Nancy “Vincenza” Kulik, an Italian-American mother and grandmother living in Fort Lee, New Jersey. Nancy has seen her share of life’s challenges, but has always been able to stay joyful and resilient, inspired in part by another Italian mother, the movie star Sophia Loren. Nancy uses the metaphorical question “What Would Sophia Loren Do?” as a guide to questions big and small. For example, “Would Sophia Loren eat whole wheat pasta?” Nancy thinks not. But more importantly, this catch phrase also provides comfort and a source of strength in times of crisis. In 2016, Vincenza’s 51-year-old son passed away suddenly; Nancy was bereft. She found solace in the love and support of her friends and family. But as she describes it, Nancy also found strength in the example of Sophia’s grace and perseverance. For Nancy, the words “What Would Sophia Loren Do?” have helped her navigate some of the most difficult times of her life. Through the experiences of these two extraordinary women, we come to understand what it means to face life’s challenges with resilience and love, and to age with courage, humor and joy.

Netflix also has this lovely interview with the icon herself.