Jul 29, 2020

Where To Volunteer in Los Angeles

With many of us facing a lot of home time in Los Angeles, we thought we’d curate a list of places to volunteer. Keeping your mental health in check is paramount, and giving back will not only empower you, it helps our community stay healthy.

Image Credit: Joel Muniz

Our first volunteer pick is Midnight Mission. Midnight Mission, has been helping the homeless through counseling, education, job placement and more for over 100 years. As a volunteer, you can opt to assist with meal service prep, sorting clothes and donations, tutoring, painting, and other things. Also, you can opt to volunteer once a year or weekly.

Next on our list is The Laundry Truck LA. Men, women and children have been receiving help from The Los Angeles Mission for over 7 decades. They host an annual Thanksgiving Feast too. Sometimes celebrities join in which draws more of a crowd, but feel free to volunteer with them outside of the event! There’s no such thing as too many being a crowd, the more the merrier!

If you want to focus your energy on helping women (which we do!) check out The Los Angeles Downtown Women’s Center. The future is female and DWC is doing all they can to protect that by specializing in giving aid to homeless or very low-income women in the Downtown Los Angeles and Skid Row communities. And at the center there is housing, private bathrooms, and a health clinic, where they even provide workshops! 

We’re really passionate about helping children, which is why we can’t compile a volunteer list without mentioning this charity, School on Wheels. When you think of the homeless, most don’t realize that there are homeless kids as well that are missing out on an education. School on Wheels gives these kids a chance to meet at a public location once a week for one hour to help them with their subject knowledge, self-esteem, and general confidence. The organization also aims to act as role models for these young ones that are struggling. They help them try to stay positive through extremely tough times. It’s an amazing opportunity to volunteer in Los Angeles. 

Another great children’s charity is Reading to Kids. On the second Saturday of each month, Reading to Kids has reading clubs. There are set books they plan to read and all you have to do is be 18 years or older to sign up! The goal is for these kids to leave school and want to read more when they get home. 

Animal lover? Volunteer with NKLA, also known as, No-Kill Los Angeles which is led by Best Friends Animal Society. They want to be a role model for the rest of the states and show that the whole country can become no-kill. Animal lovers have united to end the cycle of getting rid of healthy and treatable pets in Los Angeles, and the save rate as of last year was 89.7%. You can get spaying or neutering services here and they love to have volunteers! You can sign up for an event like NKLA Adoption Weekend or help out at the Pet Adoption Center in WeHo.