Dec 18, 2017

2017 White Elephant Gift Guide

Office and Friend’s annual get togethers are lurking through every corner. We understand how brain wracking it can be to try and find the perfect gift for co-workers and friends. So you’ve been tapped to enter into a White Elephant gift exchange, and your palm are sweating? No worries we’ve got you covered. 

For the athletically conscious we recommend gifting a Soul Cycle gift card. You can pick from an array of packages. Whether you’re keeping to a budget and gifting a first time experience for $20 or a three pack for $60 you can even splurge and go for a $145 five pack. Check with your local stores about any holiday promotions which may be going on.

Keep the hostess with the mostess ( host with the most, to be fair) entertaining all through this holiday season with a Thoughtfully ‘Sweet Holiday’ gift set. The set goes for $69.99 and you’re able to keep the three cast iron skillets throughout the year. Follow the instructions for preserving them and your chef can whip up pancakes, quiche’s and a variety of baked delights all year round.

Or maybe your host isn’t one for “pampered chef” aspirations, thats alright. Thoughtfully has a holiday box for everyone. Check out their ultimate bar kit ‘The Cocktail Bar’ with martini inspirations from around the world, just pair a little tequila and you’re good to go. Not to mention this option is easy on your budget coming in at $24.99

While we’re on drinks, you don’t have to, but feel free to pair Viva 32 Tequila with your ultimate bar kit gift exchange. The company makes both a traditional and reposado tequila for you to choose from. The flavor is crisp, and excellently distilled. The best part? You don’t have to venture out in the holiday shopper craze. You can order straight from their website

We’re on a full fledged bar kit assembly gifting frenzy right now. Which is why we’re obsessed with these whiskey glasses by Corckcicle  We can’t get over how perfect the ice is for the best whiskey experience in your own home. The glasses go for $17.95 each and are totally do-able as a set.

Do you have a glamazon in your friends circle/ work place? It’s alright we’ve got you covered there too. Check out Philosophy’s complete skincare set ‘Glowing all the way’. This is a bit of a splurge gift coming in at $89 so make sure it fits your budget. If it doesn’t thats OK. Philosophy has a large array of options for you to choose from. This also doubles as an incredible gift for someone with a jet-set lifestyle. Talk about travel necessities. Looking for a guy? They’ve got you covered there too. Make sure you check out their sleek men’s skincare line while you’re browsing.

Keep the party going with this awesome take on card games ‘Thats What She Said’. How dark are your friends/co-workers? If you ever wanted to know this hilarious game is the gift to give. Or purchase one to host the shindigs this year, you’ll no doubt be the toast of the crowd. ‘Thats What She Said’ retails for $24.99. You won’t break the bank and you’ll have a blast sounds like a win-win to us.