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Jan 26, 2014


Upon arriving to the historic Village Recorder studios Thursday January 23rd you could feel the Grammy excitement Los Angeles revels in every year the week prior to the big event. Bright lights and a red carpet introduce you to The Whole Planet Foundation Pre-Grammy party and the nights festivities, a celebration of philanthropy, wholesome eating and globally inspired music!

The Whole Planet Foundation is on the mission of ending poverty with the lending of micro credit. This program is extended to women in various countries throughout the world, including the United States, starting with as little as a $125 loan to start their own business in their village or community. In some cases meetings and money are delivered straight to the village by hand. One by one the loans help to provide another self-sufficient individual that flourishes as a contributing community member.

As the night started celebrities, athletes, musicians and influential business men made the traditional walk in front of the step and repeat. Actor Michael Sheen, of Showtimes’ Masters of Sex, escorted Toni Lee. Presenter and Olympian Gregg Louganis stopped to talk about what the event means to him citing the event as being “a way to honor those who help those who help themselves.”

Honoree Julie Marie Chavez of Chavez for Charity was very excited to be recognized for her commitment to the program. Julie gave the advice of “follow your true passion when starting or choosing a cause”. Julie’s jewelry line currently supports 10 different charities – each bracelet is a different color with the proceeds going to that cause.

Curt Mega , you might have seen him recently on Glee, with his wife mentioned that they became involved with Whole Foods and the Whole Planet foundation simply from a tweet. Curt was tweeting about the fabulous products he loved to eat from Whole Foods and was approached to get more involved. Since then the couple learned more about the outreach program and the rest is history.

Honorees for the night included Lauren Conrad and Julie Marie Chavez for their contributions to promoting sustainable practices and changing global environments. Performers included La Santa Cecila, Yuna, Jesca Hoop, Charlotte Sabina, Amilia K Spicer, the Parlotones and Johnny Kaplan & the Lazy Stars. The show was hosted by Rebecca Sullivan.

Also in attendance were an array of supporters including actors Curt Mega, Declean Joyce, Sebastian Roche, Alicia Hannah, Richard Brooks; Singers/Performers Krondon, Adrian Anderson, Peggi Blu, Alicia Gaddis and Lucky Diaz,Chris Joyner, Tom Freund;  and athletes/dancers Tai Babilonia, Rock Blackwell, Genevieve Mariko Wilson.