Jun 13, 2019

Winner of NPR’s Tiny Desk Contest ’19, Quinn Christopherson, playing in Los Angeles!

Last month, NPR announced the winner of its 2019 Tiny Desk Contest, Quinn Christopherson.

Quinn’s powerful performance of “Erase Me,” submitted by the Athabaskan and Inupiaq songwriter, won the affection and adoration of the contest’s judges and earned Christopherson the coveted grand prize of performing in Washington, D.C. at NPR’s offices for a Tiny Desk Concert, which is now live HERE.

NPR notes of the performance: “What was most striking about their performance was their unfettered confidence. Watching them play together and hearing their songs, with their interweaving guitar lines and vocal harmonies, feels like seeing two brothers performing old favorites. The concert was fun and, at moments, reverent.” 

The grand prize also included a spot on NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert Tour that kicks off next week. The run of dates stops through Los Angeles on Thursday, June 13thfor a show at Lodge Room.