Dec 26, 2017

Page to Screen: Winter Edition

Well my fellow book dragons, we have made it to winter! Here is a list of my favorite books which you should be reading STAT. For any ‘Page to Screen’ I always consider the context, and the richness of story. These are books you simply can’t put down, and deserve a live action to accompany the story told. Enjoy! Let me know what your favorite books or perhaps upcoming books you’re looking forward to are.

The Radium Girls:

A story so harrowing there is no way it came from someone’s imagination and that’s because it didn’t. During the first World War, many women joined the working ranks of society for the first time in modern American history in droves. The Radium Girls tells the true story of a group of women who were slowly poisoned to death at work. The novel ‘The Radium Girls’ by Kate Moore follows hundreds of young women who worked in the radium -dial factories. A dial for any who may not know is the name of a clock face. The radium paint was murdering these brave women, when it was discovered the corruption is astounding. What follows is truly awe-inspiring. These women dared to face the system and fought to be recognized as victims of poising by radium. For decades, hospitals diagnosed the dead women with syphilis or relegated them to other injuries, all the while turning a blind eye towards the radium paint they were instructed to ingest. The women were inserting all paint brushes in their mouth to create a fine tip, all in the name of better painting of course. It wasn’t until a man died of radium poisoning that doctors began to question the use of Radium paint, and ages later before the companies gave any recompense. I can’t think of a story which deserves more of a larger audience to share in the big screen. This story deserves a mega release across the country. I hope you read it, and I’m guessing we won’t be long from the screen for this one.


Red Clocks

This book hits a little frighteningly close to our current environment here in the U.S. abortion has become illegal, and doctors are forbidden to use in-vitro fertilization. A new amendment sits on our constitution endowing embryos with personhood. In it’s Hand-Maideesque story you are rendered speechless at the grim reality we could be fighting against. Red Clocks follows five women in Oregon, trying to navigate these hostile times. You wont be able to put down this terrifying book, which brings to light the darkness behind the modern era’s fight to control women and their bodies. Yet the book endows such hope by the enduring grace and resilience of women. This is one book I’d love to see on TV. A well made series would catapult Leni Suma’s incredible storytelling. Pre-order your copy now for January 16th. Meanwhile we’re ready with popcorn for it’s official TV debut. Nevermind it not being out yet, “we ready”!

Iron Gold

The Red Rising trilogy left us gasping for air. We’re still waiting for an epic film franchise to take over our senses. In the meantime, you can sign up to snatch up ‘Iron Gold’ this book continues the story of our heroes, with a new cast of characters. It’s all fun and games to read books about great rebellions….but what happens after the dust settles? Wonder no more. Iron Gold brings Darrow full circle from the revolution he created. Will he be able to stop the constant war which has raged for a decade? I’m dying to see this series brought to life on the big screen. Catch Iron Gold, it’s only a matter of time before this ride of a lifetime through literary prowess hits big screens everywhere.

The Hate U Give

This book is begging to be made a series. It would make a marvelous fit on HBO, Hulu, or the like. The story follows Starr Carter who is the sole witness to her best friends murder. Like a well tangled web of lies, you’ll follow her through society as she handles opinions, false truths, and other disturbing observations. Every word is precisely and loving written. I cannot wait for The Hate U Give (THUG) to hit screens in small or big form everywhere. If you only read one work of realistic fiction this year, make it this one. It’s a topic that matters.



Fans of fantasy will fall hard for Starless. Jaqueline Carey weaves a fantastical tale of a young man destined to protect a princess only to find out a long hidden truth. In a world where exiled Gods walk the Earth, and intrigue abounds you can’t help but be mesmorized by the world first created for ‘Kushiel’s Dart’. This book would be a spectacular series on HBO, Showtime, or another network of that caliber. Run and grab a copy today if you can. It’s easily one of the best fantasy books of 2017.