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Sep 6, 2019

Witch at The Geffen Review

The Geffen is known for bringing top notch theater to Los Angeles, and Witch is no exception.

Image Courtesy of Geffen Playhouse

Maura Tierney (Elizabeth) shines in her performance alongside an incredibly well cast and charismatic devil (Evan Jonigkeit). The play is based on the “Witch of Edmonton” tale. In this rendition the devil comes to town bargaining for souls. Elizabeth should be the easiest target, yet turns out to be his most unconvinced prospect. Little by little we see the devil fall for Maura’s deliciously well crafted Elizabeth. The devil on the other hand is cheeky, charming, slightly forgetful, and full of promise, Evan does the character justice. The cast is rounded out with a lord, a servant, and two young men of different statures in life who make a bargain with the devil, no questions asked. We watch the drama of the family in the castle play out in it’s stark contrast to Elizabeth’s inquiries on life, and the total sum of a soul. How can we afterall break a wheel, when it’s turn is all we know? Truly a deep look into our current society, if you take a moment and let the playwright’s words flood over you you’ll be sure to resonate. We can’t recommend Witch at the Geffen Playhouse enough. The tickets range from $30-$130 and are on sale now.