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Aug 2, 2013


Stars walked the red carpet at the Aventine in Hollywood for the “One Girl at a Time” event on July 30th. The “Woman Like Us’ foundation was created five years ago to inspire and empower women and under-served girls to make a difference globally and locally. Linda Rendleman, the founder of the organization, started the foundation based on her best-selling book Woman Like Us.

Linda Redleman is mother to the host of the event, Catt Sadler (E! News) who is also a major component for the foundation and created a local chapter in Los Angeles. The night was packed with celebrities who wanted to come out and support such an amazing cause.

“If you invest in girls while their young, that is the future.” Catt Sadler. Catt explains that the foundation is close to home to her because of her close connection to her mother and her strong belief in empowering, engaging and encouraging women. Professional women, such as Catt, mentor young women, lend support to schools local and abroad, as well as volunteering in local community centers.

Xochi Medina sponsored the event with her LA-Inspired clothing line. Xochi runs the local program with Catt and it helps her stay inspired with her own projects. “Helping out younger women is so important with what I do and they are here tonight and look amazing.”

Singer, Songwriter Ilhame Paris is all about empowering women and lending her best foot forward to help out in the community. Ilhame has her first single coming out in October and wants to “spread the love” as much as possible.

Jamar Rodgers (The Voice: Season 2) came out to support the ladies. “Anything that I can lend my voice to make some money for charity, I’m willing to do it.” Jamar broke into this industry with A-list mentors such as Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Christina Aquilera, and Cee-lo Green who he still keeps in touch with. He is keeping busy with an upcoming album and a book on its way!

The girls that they mentor did come out to the event all dressed up to walk their first red carpet! They received the star treatment and had a smile from ear to ear. The “Women Like Us” foundation will continue to have events like this in order to raise money to help young women fulfill their goals in life.

To learn more, visit Women Like Us.