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Jul 25, 2016

Wonder Woman Delivers

At least the trailer delivers. But if chemistry between the actors and director are any hint from their Hall H conference this past week at comic con we have a massive success in the works for the silver screen’s first leading superheroine since the massive bomb that was Elektra.


All the elements of a perfect storm are in order for ‘Wonder Woman’ to blow us away. The title star Gal Gadot is an amazonian beauty in her own right with a rich spirit which we can hope to see translated into her on screen persona ‘Diana Prince aka Wonder Woman’. Gal has approached the project with such determination and pride in her role as such an iconic character that we are left in awe of hoping the Amazonian Goddess will have her due.


The Wonder Woman ComicCon panel included the films director Patty Jenkins, which is a milestone for women filmmakers, as they are not prominent enough in this industry. We here at Press Pass LA are rooting for massive blockbuster success of ¬†‘Wonder Woman’ helmed by Patty to put to rest any lingering doubts that women can’t deliver an epic franchise in a sea of “boy club” helmed superhero films. Not that we don’t love JJ Abrams, Zack Snyder, and the rest….but we’re ready for women to bring the ‘girl power’ and SLAY.


Patty revealed during the panel how Chris Pines came to snag the love interest of Diana Prince. He is the epitome of a cool guy who can be masculine without being emasculated with the force of will and power that drives Wonder Woman. Chris Pine has delivered fantastic performances in the past and we look forward to his take on Steve Trevor. While Connie Nielsen  will hold her own as the stoic and powerful mother and Queen of our iconic heroine.


We can hardly wait for the 2017 release of Wonder Woman as Gal Gadot gives our badass heroine her due, after teasing us with her presence in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. In the meantime we live for theme ‘Is She With You’ by genius composer Hans Zimmer and leave you with this first look fleshed out trailer of our girl “Wonder Woman”.