Apr 8, 2019

Wonder World Pop Up Heads to Los Angeles

Ever wanted to take a trip down the mythical rabbit hole? Well Wonder World is hitting LA, and is ready to make all your dreams come true.

Twisted tea room at WonderWorld in Los Angeles, opening April 10. (Photo courtesy of Wonder World).

Wonder World is the dreamchild of Hua Wang, Jie Wang and Jay Yue of Eastern Horizon Ventures. The room by room installation is sure to set your imagination on fire, and leave you with lots of instagrammable content. The pop up consists of six spaces designed by New York artists inspired by Alice‚Äôs adventures in Wonderland. In the pop up you’ll discover a mushroom garden, giant teacups, giant cheeses you can squeeze through, illusions a bubble-filled pool with crescent moon and more.

Wonder World opens officially to the public on April 10.