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Jan 15, 2016


It’s week two of the new year and we feel you…you are already having trouble meeting your fitness goals, getting up at 5AM to hit the gym before work just isn’t happening, and turning down happy hour isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. We sat down with Australian fitness expert Emily Skye to help keep you on track!

Emily is a qualified personal trainer, health and fitness expert and the founder of  F.I.T. program (Fitness, Inspiration, Transformation).  Did we mention she has over 8 MILLION social media followers who tune in for tips on fitness, exercise habits, and more designed to help women of all shapes and sizes create healthy habits that achieve real results? Well, she does.

Emily has been ranked as #2 globally in the “World’s Biggest Fitness Expert” (via SocialBaker) even higher than US fitness star Jillian Michaels! But what’s more impressive than her stats, is her story. The thing that makes Emily so likeable is that she hasn’t allows been the poster girl for strength and fitness. In fact, her own personal struggle with poor body image, unhealthy eating and depression is what triggered her to embrace a healthy and active lifestyle and encourage other women to do the same. You can read all about her journey here.

In the meantime, check out her fitness tips for 2016 and her Hollywood celebrity body crush in the video!