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Jul 19, 2015


Every body is unique.  We come in all shapes and sizes.  Some of us are so driven with relentless passion in the world of sports that we push our bodies to the limits of a modern day Adonis.  ESPN celebrates those Greek like bodies with its annual ESPN The Magazine, The Body Issue every summer. 

Cadillac and Grey Goose vodka help sponsor the event in Hollywood each year honoring the athletes that choose to bare it all (literally) in the high selling issue annually.

As the stars of these coveted pages walked the carpet, PressPassLA wanted to know the secrets behind their physiques.  Many responded with “A healthy diet and hard work in the gym,” but we got some heartfelt, notable words such as “being comfortable in the skin you are in” with athletes that did not have the plastic surgeon’s dream silhouette that make this issue so important.

It is a vessel for your kids to look up to and realize there is no cliche in the world of standard beauty.  That genetics plays a key role, but we have control in how to shape and mold what we are given by treating it as a temple.  You get out what you put in.BODY at ESPYS 2015 - US Womens Soccer Team

These champions in their sport are true heroes on and off the field.  Attendees included Hope Solo (US Women’s Soccer), Alex Morgan (US Women’s Soccer), Odell Beckham Jr. (NY Giants), Kevin Love (Cleveland Cavaliers), Clay Thompson (NBA Champion, Golden State Warriors), Draymond Green (NBA Champion, Golden State Warriors), Caroline Wozniacki (Tennis player), Gabby Reese (Volleyball player), Reggie Bush (SF 49ers), Victoria Azirenka (Tennis player), Sydney Leroux (US Women’s Soccer), Lindsey Vonn (US Ski Team) and more!

Our favorite interview came from U.S. Women’s Soccer Team Champion, Abby Wambach.  Just watch and enjoy.  You Go Girl!