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Apr 1, 2024

Music Crush Monday: Camila Cabello

A name we haven’t had in a long while for our Music Crush Monday series the talented Camila Cabello. We’re so glad to see her back with new music and couldn’t be happier about adding ‘I Luv It’ to our music rotation.

Image Still: Camila Cabello YouTube

Camila Cabello herself calls her new song “a genuinely chaotic slice of fast and fuzzy digitized pop that whooshes past you like a Miami sports car.” With summer just around the corner this is the kind of music we want to start pumping out of our speakers with the top down as the days get hotter. Our thoughts after listening to this latest record are that, “I Luv It” isn’t as furiously catchy as “Havana,” but it represents a different approach to pop stardom, one on the more frazzled side of the industry. The music video is directed by Nicolás Méndez, and is a surrealist assembly of vignettes as the song itself also takes us through a series of pop funk dance dissonance that usher in the heat of summer. What do you think of her new song? We love that she’s back, but we know what she’s capable of and think we’ll hold out to listen to more before forming an opinion once her latest album drops.