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Jun 3, 2020

Support Black Creators, A List of Films

In these times as injustices are having a spotlight turned on them, we’d like to turn your attention to stories made by black creators. We all have a duty for education, and art is an education.

The Hate You Give which is also a best selling book, looks at the hard divide of a young black girl’s life torn between two worlds, just blocks apart.

Braids is a documentary on the cultural appropriation of African traditions. This documentary is inclusive with the voices of Lupita Nyong’o, Young M.A, Ayana Bird, Lacy Redway, Vernon Fran├žois and more as they talk about braids and black hair culture in The United States.

Queen of Katwe. This was a passion project which took years for an African American executive at Disney to have the story green lit. What we love best about Queen of Katwe is the inclusion of local African talent and a complete lack of a white savior storyline so often seen in stories about the black community rising out of their poverty. This film is also based on a true story.

Dear White People is a dynamic narrative on the black experience in America. This trailer is for the Netflix series, however be aware there is also a film which is the basis for the series.

Uncorked is created by Penny Prentice the show runner of HBO’s Insecure. Support black creators and the content they bring us. Learn from the black experience, it is time we spent more time realizing that we cannot and will not stand for the de-humanization of black culture. Step into their living rooms and see them as equals. Our humanity is shared.