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Mar 26, 2024

Trailer Tuesday: ‘House Of The Dragon’

HBO has released not one but two brand new trailers for the second season of their hit follow up to Game of Thrones, House of The Dragon.

Image Still: HBO

We’re in the midst of civil war among the Targaryen’s with the second season of House of The Dragon landing on HBO this June. To celebrate the release HBO is asking, are you Team Black or Team Green? Obviously we’re Team Black, how foul you must be to choose Team Green! The usurpers must be stopped! We’re all ready for dragon fights, political mischief, and murder. Afterall, it’s not in the world of the Targaryen’s if there isn’t sex and murder. Who do you think will see the most casualties this season? We think Team Black will start with hurts but towards the end of season two Team Green will feel the pain. Let us know your thoughts on what you hope to see unfold this season. Oh yeah, Team Green’s trailer is below too. We guess you’d want to see it too, insider information on who should lose? Yeah, thats the approach. Press Pass LA is Team Black all the way.

Ugh, he gives Joffrey.