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Jun 2, 2023

Why You Should Be Watching ‘Silo’ on Apple TV

The latest page to screen adaptation is Hugh Howey’s ‘Wool’ series aptly titled Silo now on Apple TV. The show is lush with both rich performances and a very well developed world. It is a must see.

In a ruined and toxic future, a community exists in a giant underground silo that plunges hundreds of stories deep; there, people live in a society full of regulations they believe are meant to protect them. Silo is well-crafted and intriguing sci-fi thriller, with a premise and delivery that is perfect for fans and casual viewers alike.

Silo is one of the best dystopian sci-fi series to hit the screen in a very very long time indeed. The most thrilling part of Silo, is that the series trusts its audience with complex themes and plots. Apple TV+ has taken expensive and extensive stabs at sci-fi greatness before (See, an abject fail) but they’ve never hit their target until now. Silo is a scifi wonderland. The stunning premiere, one of our favorite pilot’s in a long time, sets the stage in a way that doesn’t even center on the eventual protagonist of this show, focusing instead on the driving narrative of where the story in Silo will lead us. It’s actually incredibly difficult to write about the show without spoiling it. With shifting narratives and arcs it’s a tricky maze of brilliant storytelling to share without spoiling. The premiere introduces the concept that just over 10,000 people live in a massive underground bunker known as the Silo. History has been destroyed to such a degree that the residents aren’t sure how they got there or what happened to the outside world. Humanity consider’s the last rebellion as 140 year ago, but they aren’t able to even define the day their ancestors entered the silo. The past is lost and they work in the now with all those who question the past found on the otherside of the cafeteria’s glass through which they view whats left of the outside world. Or do they? All they know is that it’s deadly outside. They can see it. Or can they? The intrigue and mystery click immediately with your heart in your throat as every discovery could lead to your favorite character’s death. The single greatest rule in the Silo is to never ask to leave. Anyone who asks to leave must be allowed to do so, and no one has ever returned.

Silo drops many other interesting characters before centering on Juliette (Rebecca Ferguson), a different protagonist than that of the premiere. Juliette works on the mechanical floors at the bottom of the Silo, the ones that keep everything running—the writers smartly avoid a direct class system on the floors but there’s a different energy in her sphere. Juliette gets involved with the lawman when he investigates a mysterious suicide, and she eventually takes over the lead before even weirder things happen in the silo. Can she trust the judicial sector run by an imposing figure named Sims (Common)? What about the creepy tech overseer (Tim Robbins) who punishes people for posting the wrong information online?

Will you be watching? Let us know.